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  • May I use your art for an avatar/icon/cover for my fanfiction/other PERSONAL/NON-MONETARY use?

As long as I receive proper credit, you may.


  • May I use your art for commercial/monetary use?

Unless you commissioned the artwork AND got permission from me prior to ordering it, no.

  • Will you work on my comic/manga?


  • Do you do requests?

No, unless promoted for a limited time on my social media.

  • I can’t pay you immediately, but you will get x% royalties if this project works. Will you do it?


No, payment must be upfront, but I do offer payment plans if you ask me about them.

  • Will you do art for my game?


Depends, ask me.


  • Will you illustrate my book/album/etc?


Depends, ask me.


  • Are your commissions open/how much do you charge?


Please visit my commission page for more information about pricing. You can then contact me and we can work out the details. Please include if it is time-sensitive.


  • Can I cosplay your design?


Absolutely! As long as you do not claim the original design as your own. I would love to see the finished product too!

  • Do you ship internationally?


Yes, currently I offer a flat rate of $25

  • Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! I love working with other small businesses. Please feel free to reach out

  • Do you sell at a physical location?

You can find me at AnnAnna in Lancaster and Chibi Cafe Co in East Greenville. If you are interested in selling my products at your location, please reach out to

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